Terrazzo Floor Restoration

Reliable Floor Care has developed a team of specialized terrazzo floor restoration professionals in the Milwaukee Wisconsin area.

The extensive experience your job is given will ensure your project is successful and looks great.  

Our team of certified terrazzo experts will provide you with professional terrazzo cleaning, restoration, grinding and polishing services. Uncover your old terrazzo floors or bring your current terrazzo back to life, let Reliable restore them to their original beauty.

Trusted & Experienced

Don’t trust your terrazzo restoration needs to just anyone but trust your floors to a team of terrazzo experts with a locally owned and operated company.

What is Terrazzo?

Terrazzo is flooring made up of small marble pieces that are set in concrete and can be polished to a high shine to give it a stunning look

Benefits of Terrazzo

• Easy to Clean

• Durable

• Beautiful

• Low Maintenance

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Frequently Asked Questions

Terrazzo should only be cleaned with a neutral pH cleaner

To properly maintain, it should be dusted daily and mopped with a neutral cleaner weekly or when spot cleaning is needed. If they are heavily soiled you may need to use a buffing machine with neutral cleaner.


Our professional cleaning technicians are certified, on-time, and courteous. We believe our work is only as good as our people.


We pride ourselves on being efficient. We work diligently to get you a proposal and will optimize time to complete jobs in a timely manner.


We are committed to using safe, non-toxic cleaning solutions that are safe for your work environment and the planet.


We’ve helped thousands of clients by consistently providing high-quality products & services to keep their facilities looking their best.