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Reliable Floor Care offers professional and reliable cleaning solutions for commercial spaces throughout Southeast WI.

Reliable Floor Care offers professional and reliable cleaning solutions for commercial spaces in Southeast WI. Our team of experienced technicians keeps your spaces looking their best by using the latest technology and techniques to make your office and work environment safe and productive.

The Safest and Most Effective Disinfectant Treatment Available

Reliable Floor Care also uses strong, safe, hospital-grade disinfectants that are approved to be used on food-grade prep surfaces. This process will rid your office and factory of germs, viruses, fungi, and bacteria to eliminate 99.99% of the contaminants products come in contact with.

Electrostatic Spraying Of Disinfectants And Sanitizers Is New To The Cleaning Industry, But It Is Not New Technology.

Contact Reliable today to learn more about their sanitizing services that will make your office and business healthier and safer in the days and months ahead.

RFC's Disinfectant

Our standard disinfectant has been used to destroy AID, Anthrax and other viruses—yet reduces to a simple salt after its effectiveness.

RFC's Botanical Based Disinfectant

Our botanical based disinfectant uses thymol, a powerful disinfecting agent made from the essential oil of thyme.

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Frequently asked questions

If a surface is dirty, it must be cleaned before the surface can be adequately sanitized and disinfected. Dirt and grime create a barrier that will not allow a sanitizer/disinfectant to do its job. So, to fully protect your office and work environment, it’s important to clean first and then sanitize/disinfect.

Not all sanitizers and disinfectants are created equal. Our standard disinfectant has been used during Anthrax attacks, to purify water after Hurricane Katrina and to kill MRSA in schools and hospitals. Many sanitizers and disinfectants are highly toxic. Our process is not toxic, is volatile organic compounds (VOC) free and is an EPA registered hospital disinfectant cleaner.

Chlorine bleach produces harmful by-products and fumes in your home and is not safe for all applications. The RFC process is less caustic, safer and gentler than bleach and is safe for all surfaces. It breaks down to a simple salt meaning it doesn’t produce any harmful by-products.

Our clean, sanitize and disinfecting process kills 99.9% of all germs, allergens, bacteria and viruses that it comes in contact with. It can be used to disinfect your carpets, upholstery and hard surfaces including kitchen/bathroom counters.

In response to the Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) outbreak, the CDC has published cleaning and disinfecting guidelines on its website. The information can be found at the CDC website  ( The solutions Reliable Floor Care uses to clean and disinfect qualify as EPA-approved emerging viral pathogens that are suitable for porous and non-porous surfaces.

Yes.  All of our processes and products are safe for you and your team.

Our disinfectant neutralizes 99.99% of all viruses, bacteria, germs within 10 minutes.  After we complete the process, you are free to return back to work after we complete the process.

It is definitely true that not all disinfectants are created equal. Some disinfectants are highly toxic, contain VOC’s and require a rinse after 10 minutes. Some disinfectants will even permanently damage floors, counters and other surfaces.

Our core disinfectant, Vital Oxide, uses a unique chemical compound called chlorine dioxide.

Chlorine dioxide has been used during Anthrax attacks, in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, to purify drinking water, and most recently to kill MRSA in schools and hospitals.

Reliable Floor Care also considers potential residues that are left behind and realize that you and your Team Members don’t want to be exposed to harsh and dangerous chemicals. That is exactly why you have chosen to partner with Reliable Floor Care!

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