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Reliable Floor Care offers professional and reliable cleaning solutions for commercial spaces throughout Southeast WI.

We have developed a team of specialized vinyl restoration professionals equipped with the latest technology and techniques that will revive your dull and worn-out looking vinyl flooring.

Consistent Floor Care

Consistent floor care is the best way to protect both the investment in your facility’s floors and the reputation of your business. That’s why we offer flexible scheduling options to ensure that our cleaning services fit seamlessly into your workflow. We also offer a range of cleaning packages that can be customized to meet your specific needs and budget.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Once a year. However, for areas that get a lot of traffic this may need to happen more regularly in order to keep the vinyl flooring looking its best.

Depending on the condition of the vinyl, there are two basic options. First is a deep scrub of the vinyl to remove surface soiling and then recoating. The second is stripping off all the wax and then recoating.

Scrubbing and recoating involves removing only the dirty layers of finish and then applying coats of finish on top of the clean floor. This process capitalizes on previous coats of finish and gives the maximum appearance possible. If a floor is scratched and marred beyond the point of successfully scrubbing and recoating, then stripping is the only viable course of action. Otherwise, scrubbing and recoating is always preferable because you get to take advantage of the previous coats of finish.

  • Any yellowing that exists is either from direct sunlight over time or from high traffic usage that begins to break down the finish. The latter can typically be fixed through stripping but occasionally it cannot be fixed due to the longevity of the staining.

  • Staining is similar. If it hasn’t penetrated through the finish it will be removed through stripping. However, VCT can be permanently stained if it does not have a finish to protect it or if the stain remains on the surface for a long duration.

Outside of VCT, vinyl does not need a finish. The only time a finish should be put down is if the floor is going to take heavy traffic or equipment being moved on it. A finish could be used as a sacrificial layer to protect the vinyl

  • This depends on the flooring and where the scratches/gouges lie and how deep they are. For VCT, surface level scratches will be removed through removing a few layers of wax/finish. Deep scrapes or gouges may not be able to be fixed.

  • For vinyl flooring, light scratches can be masked with a color matched furniture pencil or similar. Deeper gouges or chips can be repaired with color matched wood filler.


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